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We are exceptionally experienced, local Fairfax reckless driving lawyers. Our Northern Virginia based firm can defend and protect with you if you have a Fairfax reckless driving arrest or ticket.

The lawyers of Gross & Romanick can protect you. If you have a Fairfax reckless driving case in VA, or a a similar criminal charge with or without an arrest you need a lawyer. You need to contact the lawyers of Gross & Romanick. 

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Do I need a lawyer for reckless driving in Fairfax?

ANSWER: Whether you are charged with an offense that is criminal in nature or a basic traffic offense, Fairfax County Traffic Court matters have serious financial and economic implications beyond the fine and costs assessed by the Fairfax Courts. For many people, traffic court is their first experience with the American legal system. It is a system with complex rules and procedures. A lawyer knows how to navigate through the law, the rules and the court procedures. Experienced lawyers know the inclinations of the various judges and the prosecutors.

Many traffic defenses in Fairfax involve complex and technical issues. A capable lawyer, experienced with reckless driving charges, can assess and recognize whether the prosecution can prove its case. A lawyer who regularly handles traffic cases in Fairfax County can advise you regarding viable defenses; help you present defenses that work; and, when appropriate, can negotiate a satisfactory plea bargain. A lawyer can protect your rights and prevent you from being taken advantage of by an overloaded or impersonal legal system. A lawyer can help you obtain a restricted driver’s license if you are qualified for one. In short, a lawyer is your ally in a complex and often hostile system.

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Who is Gross & Romanick, PC?
Gross & Romanick is an experienced Fairfax, Virginia criminal defense law firm. The law firm is led by our managing partner, Edward Gross, who has practiced criminal defense law in Virginia since 1980. The Law Firm’s Criminal Practice is managed by partner, Jeffrey S. Romanick, a skilled trial lawyer who appears in Court on a daily basis. Our team can defend you and protect your rights if you are charged with reckless driving or any other serious traffic offense.

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Why do you need a reckless driving lawyer?

If you’ve been ticketed or arrested in Fairfax VA with a reckless driving charge you may be faced with a very expensive fine, a permanent criminal record, and the very real possibility of jail time. We have exceptional experience in Fairfax courts handling all types of criminal and traffic matters.  We have handled hundreds of cases involving reckless driving. Since 1980 we have provided vigorous defenses for all manner of criminal cases. We are local firm- located just blocks from the Fairfax Courthouse. Contact us today.